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The Umbrella has now reached its majority. It began 21 years ago in early 1994, as a mimeographed four-page newsletter distributed amongst more than a dozen of the civic and social organisations then flourishing in the English-speaking community in Rio de Janeiro.

It was designed to coalesce the news each of these organisations had, consolidating their efforts in a single publication distributed to members of all contributors. This meant not only increased publicity for local events, but also a cost savings, as the various and sundry societies no longer had to post their own mail (or mail their own post).

Since the beginning, it has been produced by its figurative “umbrella”, the British & Commonwealth Society of Rio de Janeiro, enjoying sporadic contributions from other community organisations. Every month 600 print copies are made available free of charge to community members, and for some few years now we have had an online version, published promptly on the first day of each month (well, okay, the first “business” day).

As readers down the years have noticed, it’s not the same Umbrella it used to be. It’s now 16 to 20 pages, printed in full colour, filled with feature articles by, for and about Cariocas, past and present. We have regular (and irregular) columnists on numerous subjects, all of them united in their focus on Rio de Janeiro.

All this is not to say that The Umbrella has forgotten its initial brief—our chief section is “4 Corners and More” where readers can learn what has happened, is happening and will happen in the English-speaking community of Rio de Janeiro, complete with pictures where possible.

We also have sections for letters and photographs to be shared with, between and amongst ourselves. Moreover, those who want to purvey goods or services to our community are welcome to use our advertising section—small, medium and large size adverts all available at a modicum.

So, come and join us under The Umbrella!

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